The President of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), Patrick Amuriat, has called upon party delegates in the Bunyoro region to participate in the upcoming National Delegates Conference scheduled for October 6th.

Amuriat, who is seeking a second term as party leader, engaged with delegates from the region, with the majority (18 delegates) hailing from Hoima, Buliisa, and Masindi, among the eight districts comprising the Bunyoro sub-region.

Amuriat’s interaction with the delegates primarily focused on dispelling allegations of factionalism within the FDC, emphasizing that there are no factions within the party. He stated, “We do not have factions in the FDC, as it has been misrepresented.”
According to Amuriat, the party has already completed grassroots elections, ranging from the village to the district level, and only the election of the National Executive Committee remains.

He expressed determination, asserting, “The election on October 6th will take place regardless of internal disagreements in the party.”

Amuriat also extended an invitation to colleagues who have chosen a different path, urging them to use democratic means to effect leadership changes within the FDC.

He remarked, “It serves no purpose for anybody to try to come through the vent-later into the FDC house when the door is widely open.”

However, some delegates, who preferred to remain anonymous, expressed concerns that Amuriat has deviated from what they consider the original FDC party ideologies.

Amuriat’s nationwide mobilization efforts to encourage FDC members to participate in the delegates’ conference have raised questions about his continued popularity among some party members in rural areas.

Nevertheless, Amuriat concluded his visit to Bunyoro with confidence that FDC delegates from the sub-region are backing his candidacy and are prepared to take on the responsibilities that have recently stirred political turmoil within the party.

During this delegates’ meeting, Amuriat officially welcomed NRM member Asiimwe Racheal and Janet Osotho into the FDC camp.

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