Kihungya Sub county council approves BUCURA formation


Kihungya Sub county council has today finally passed a resolution to support the formation of Bugungu Cultural Revival Association after consultation from the community.

In the previous council sitting, the speaker David Bingi directed councilors to go and consult their electorates before deliberating on the issue concerning the Bugungu Cultural Revival Association after a request by the spear headers to include it on the sub county council order paper.

During the council sitting today at Kihungya sub county headquarters, thirteen councilors supported the motion.

Kenneth Tumusiime, the Kihungya sub county LC3 Chairperson called upon the entire people of Buliisa not to mix politics with the formation the association saying the association is formed, it will be a strong lobbying voice for better service delivery for the betterment of entire Buliisa.

However, only two councilors, Pacutho Isha representing Garasoya Parish and Patrick Ukumu representing Waaki parish rejected the motion saying they were sent by their electorates to oppose the motion because they are not convinced enough with the aims, missions and the objectives of the association.

Following the majority council members who supported the motion after several consultations from electorates, the Kihungya sub county council speaker David Bingi approved the formation of the BUCURA.


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    A lot of work yet to sensitize my Uncle’s on the merits to the District. Proudly a Mugungu by Alur Mum.

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