Man found dead in lover's house

The rising levels of theft and other crimes in Hoima City’s biggest suburb, Kiryateete has forced the authorities and residents to form a vigilante group aimed to check the criminalities that have rendered the residents insecure.
The move responds to a new wave of thieves who first douse the residents with chloroform in their sleep in the night prior to breaking into houses and stealing property.
Chloroform is a classified drug and can easily cause death once inhaled.
Ms Scovia Tinkamanyire, a resident of Kiryateete East cell, disclosed how tenants fear reporting criminal tenants to the property owners.
During a security meeting attended by the Deputy Resident City Commissioner for East Division, Mr Donanto William Kasigazi, it was agreed that every bar operator should make a monthly contribution of Shs5, 000 to pay the local night vigilantes in the area.
It was also agreed that other operators of business like shops should pay Shs2, 000 while residents shall pay Shs1, 000 per household.
Mr Tumusiime Bantebya, the Chairman Kiryateete East Cell, revealed how the area authorities have introduced a residents’ register which will also provide details on one’s national identity card.
The meeting also prohibited the movement of people and bar operations past midnight in Kiryateete East cell to create a secure breathing space for the residents.


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