Museveni bans allowances for military guards

President Museveni, who is also the Commander-in-Chief, has banned giving allowances and renting for the soldiers on guard duties following the killing of the State Minister of Labour Col Charles Okello Engola by his bodyguard last week.

Gen Museveni, while eulogizing Col Engola at Kololo Independence Grounds, said military guards should only be supplied with food and tents from the guard battalion.

Col Engola was shot dead 28 times by his bodyguard Pte Wilson Sabiiti at the principal’s home at Kyanja, a city suburb on May 2.

Pte Sabiiti also shot and injured the minister’s aide Lt Ronald Otim. 

Before Pte Sabiiti turned the gun on himself, he made a dying declaration that he hadn’t been paid by his employers yet he had a pregnant wife and children of school going age, who were seated at home due to lack of fees.

Soldiers on guard duties get an allowance ranging from Shs300,000 to Shs500,000 per month.

Col Engola had more than five guards which meant the government was spending more than Shs1.5m per month on allowances for the security personnel.

President Museveni said the country hasn’t gained the financial muscle to handle such benefits and that giving allowances to military guards is turning them into mercenaries.


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