MP Sarah Opendi calls for a ban of music concerts in schools

Opendi says concerts are obscene and seductive in their nature . Indecent dressing of musicians morally corrupts the minds of students

Tororo woman mp also chairperson Uganda woman parliamentary association  Sarah Opendi has asked government to  ban all musicians  from holding  concerts in schools due to their  indecent dressing, obscene and seductive  dances .

Opendi  informed  parliament that on many occasions  musicians who perform  in schools  dress  poorly which affects  the  mental health of students   and many  of them have learnt bad behaviors from those concerts.

Opendi wondered whether the  ministry of education has  any  guidelines governing the  conduct of concerts in schools.

And if there are any in  place those musicians who have breached these guidelines should be penalized.

The  state minister in charge of primary  education Joyce Moriku Kaducu  told parliament that there are guidelines governing all the musical concerts and the dances which must take place in schools but the schools are hesitant  to enforce them noting that as a ministry they have started punishing all the schools which fail to enforce those guideline

She admitted  that it is true that students have lost the  morals and  it’s now the duty of the parents and teachers to enforce morals among children  in schools

The deputy speaker of parliament Thomas Tayebwa  asked the ministry of education to come up and do something to avoid the increasing immorality among the students in schools.

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