Residents of Waaki Parish in Kihungya Sub County Buliisa District have said they are at risk of contracting water-borne diseases as a result of drinking contaminated water.

The affected People are in the villages of Mugume, Waaki west, Itutwe K, Kihungya trading centre in Waaki Parish who draw water from unprotected water sources like at Kagera swamp and river waaki thus putting their lives at risk of diseases.

While fetching water at the stream, MS. Everlyn Ayiyotho, a resident of Kihungya trading center narrated to our reporter that, the available boreholes at Kihungya primary school and the one in Mugume village are non-functional, thus they walk long distances to trek for clean water in Kyateriko village in Nyeramya Parish.

Ayiyotho asserted that, they are at the risk of getting waterborne diseases, noting that, running rainwater from the upstream conveys faeces from the bushes into the water source.

She said sometimes animals and children also play and bathe in the same water making more unclean for domestic use.


Mildred Mbabazi another resident says because of the situation, it has resulted in an endless waterborne diseases like typhoid, bilharzia, among others.

Mbabazi says as women, they are the most affected because it is them who trek long distances in search of water from protected spring in Kyateriko village. Their daughters are also at risk of becoming pregnant seduced by men who take advantage of them being far from home.

She adds that sometimes moving long distances forces them to use the water from the contaminated streams.


Mr. Kenneth Tumusiime the Chairperson LC3 Kihungya Sub County, acknowledges that, there are challenges of access to safe and clean water to the entire Sub County due to break down of boreholes.

The Chairperson, however, applauds the NGOs like World Vision saying they are working upon to extend tap water systems to solve the challenges.

Audio Clip…Tumusiime on NGO`s in Lug.

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