Residents of Biiso Sub County in Buliisa district are calling upon the government to give top priority to public health supervision, not only in their locality but throughout the entire nation.

While acknowledging substantial government efforts to improve health standards, the residents highlight the need for stronger supervision of public health facilities.

Biiso Health Centre IV, the sole healthcare facility in Biiso Sub County, was established in 1995.

Despite its significance in providing healthcare services to the community, residents argue that the government has not adequately supported the facility, resulting in various challenges.

Local residents have voiced their concerns, emphasizing the importance of effective public health services and proper supervision to make meaningful progress in the healthcare sector proposing that the Ugandan government collaborates with civil society organizations to promote health standards on a nationwide scale.

This call to action follows engagements by World Vision, which emphasized the role of local advocacy for public services through Citizen Voices Action.

Notably, as a result of increased advocacy for better services, the health facility was elevated to a Health Centre IV level, leading to enhanced facilitation.

In addition to advocating for better services, residents are recommending that the government strengthens its supervision of health facilities to ensure more efficient service delivery and the overall enhancement of health standards.

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