Fishermen on lake Albert have asked government to strengthen border
security to stop Congolese fishermen from crossing and fishing on Ugandan waters.

The fishermen under their umbrella of Wanseko Beach Management Unit in Buliisa district through their chairman Didasco Mwesigwa pointed out that the Fisheries Protection Unit has not done enough to protect the Ugandan fishermen against the
Congolese fishermen who cross and fish on Uganda waters.

The fishermen at Wanseko landing site also accused the Fisheries Protection Unit from Deyi landing site in Panyamur for their brutal arrests, extortion of money, confiscation of boats and severe beatings as they accuse them of using non authorized fishing nets on the lake.

The woman member of Parliament for Buliisa district Hon. Norah Bigirwa asked the Fisheries Protection Unit for fairness in all their operations on lake Albert.

Norah advised the fishing community not to only depend on the lake but to also come up with other income generating activities which will improve on their livelihood.

Hon. Norah asked them to embrace government programs which are meant to uplift their livelihood for example Parish Development Model (PDM) and EMYOGA among others.

LT.COL Kaija Dick Kiirya the commanding officer for Fisheries Protection Unit, while addressing fishermen of the landing sites of Butiaba,Bugoigo, Kabolwa and Wanseko in Buliisa district asked the fishermen to desist from using under sized nets and boats while executing their activities.

He assured the fishermen that the enforcement on lake Albert is to continue until they adhere to the laws. He further asked the fishermen to cooperate with the security in protecting the lake since it is the only livelihood they depend on.


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