In a significant effort to enhance road infrastructure across the nation, the government of Uganda has allocated additional funds through the Land Fund for the maintenance of roads in every district.

Under the fiscal year 2023/2024 budget, each district is set to receive an extra 1 billion UGX for road maintenance, in addition to the funds provided through the Road Fund.

This move is aimed at ensuring that all districts have access to sufficient resources for road maintenance and improvement.

However, there have been signs of challenges in the utilization of these funds, with reports emerging of some district officials opting to allocate resources for the construction of new roads instead of prioritizing the maintenance of existing ones.

The honorable Members of Parliament for Buliisa District during a monitoring exercise as per the constitution of the Republic of Uganda article 90 in Busingiro Parish, Biiso Sub County revealed and confirmed that it was true Buliisa District had received the money on 26th September even though it was to come in quarters.

Therefore it is confirmed that Buliisa district received the first quarter of one billion Ugandan shillings (250 millions)

In her speech, Honourable Norah Bigirwa asked for community members to be vigilant and monitor the road works condemned acts of fuel siphoning with the grader operators.

On the same note, during the launch of a 5.6 kilometer road works under rehabilitation for Kalyango  Mubako community access road which is to cost 137 million Uganda shilling the Resident District Commissioner Buliisa District, Longino Byagagaire raised the same issue of fuel siphoning.

As a vigilante, patriot and a nationalist what do u think should be done and how best can we stop this vice?


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