During a monitoring exercise for government programs as mandated by article 90 of the constitution of the Republic of Uganda, the Honorable members of parliament for Buliisa constituency, Allan Atugonza and Norah Bigirwa Nyendwoha yesterday while monitoring in Busingiro parish, Biiso sub county, they called for harmony, unity and forgiveness among people to benefit from different government programs such as Parish Development Model, Youth Livelihood Program, Uganda Women Entrepreneurship Program, EMYOOGA among others.

This came after allegations of misunderstandings and a lot of blame games within the parish between leaders, technocrats and the beneficiaries of different government programs especially Parish Development Model.

Pastor Agaba Robert, the chairperson Busingiro PDM SACCO, revealed a gap between technocrats, the loans committee and Parish Development Commitee which had slowed down the process of disbursing funds to the beneficiaries.

Agaba who questioned to step down from the chairmanship of the SACCO, exposed that he had got threating calls from what he termed as big people ordering him to make sure their relatives were considered among the beneficiaries which was strongly against PDM guidelines as they appeared in multiple groups.

He further attributed the confusion to the increased population of Busingiro parish which needed to be split at least three administrative units.

Andrew Tumusiime, the Busingiro parish Chief accused Pastor Agaba and his committee for selecting beneficiaries without his consent which was against new PDM guidelines.

on the contrary, Honorable Norah Nyendwoha Bigirwa called for forgiveness among selves. “As a mother let’s forgive each other, forget past mistakes and stop blame games to benefit from these programs”, she said.

In addition to matters raised, Buliisa district Members of Parliament called for an engagement between local leaders and Natural Forestry Authority about the Budongo forest boundary demarcation.

In their promptual site visit to Busingiro parish, Biiso sub-county Buliisa district, MP Norah Nyendwoha and Allan Atugonza wondered how Busingiro hill was added to Budongo forest in 2021 by the NFA.

The visit was fueled by the outcry from angry residents of Busingiro parish, about the boundary of Budongo forest.

The chief Administrative Officer isamail onzul Musa blamed NFA for failure to inform the district on the forest demarcation decision.

He further told the residents to continue using the land until the matters are resolved.


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