I am now healed of Coronavirus, Museveni


President Museveni has announced that he has been healed of Coronavirus after the latest test came out positive.

“On the war with corona, it is now confirmed that I am a veteran graduate of the war with that enemy,” Museveni said in a statement on Sunday afternoon.

“Today, the samples showed that I had turned negative.  Even the samples of Wednesday last, had showed reduced presence of the virus parts.  The Glory goes to God.  Let us follow His teachings with genuineness.”

The president on June 8, a day after presiding over the State of the Nation Address announced that he had gone into self isolation after testing positive for Coronavirus disease.

On Sunday he narrated that for the last 11 days he has battled with the virus that started with mild pre-flu type of state and that he had  ignored the symptoms until the following day when I had a slight running nose for a little while.

“ That is when I called my doctors to take samples for checking.   By 1100 hours, they came back to tell me that two of the samples were negative but one was positive.  That is when I decided to travel to Kololo for the Address in separate cars with Maama.”

He said he wanted to drive himself in one of the cars until the doctors   reconfirmed to him that the driver’s – ADC’s compartments, air-conditioning wise, are totally separated from the rear compartment.

“Right from the beginning, I told you and my doctor, Diana Atwiine, told me that attack was mild but I had to isolate myself to defeat the enemy and also not to spread the enemy. “

He recommended Ugandans to avoid alcohol, promiscuity, careless driving, avoiding malaria, smoking, exercising for fitness, eating healthy African food (maize, cassava, millet, bananas, fruits, milk, beef, chicken, fish, etc.) and ensuring that they  get vaccinated against all the vaccinatable diseases and have all the vitamins as some of the ways to keep health.

“Also check regularly There seems to be a problem with our medical orientation.  Many of our doctors are not health officers but rather disease officers, spending more time treating sicknesses that are completely avoidable.  Could my health consciousness have helped me in this battle with Corona?  Maybe.”

“  When corona started, many of our black people in the USA and Europe were dying, it was claimed, a bit more than the other ethnic groups. I was watching one of the programmes, where some expert pointed out that it was partly due to the lack of Vitamin-D.  Vitamin-D-anti-rachitic.  This is one of the vitamins we studied 60 years ago at Ntare in our biology and health science subjects.”

Museveni said when he remembered the important use of Vitamin-D in any human’s body, he asked Dr.Diana Atwiine to check his levels.

“  Unbelievable!!  My Vitamin D levels were very low, my vitamin B 12 levels, were very low etc.  Imagine, the President of Uganda, is malnourished to the detriment of his life.  I immediately, started taking the vitamins and soon that front was robust.  Then, we had the immunization and boosters.What would have happened if this corona had attacked me before the immunization and the boosting and when my Vitamin – levels were so low?  Why did I have a deficiency of vitamins?  Is it because I lacked the money to buy the proper food?  No.  It was living undone what we ought to have done and doing what we ought not to do.  Health managers, let us spend more time promoting disease prevention than spending most of the time waiting for People to be sick in order to qualify for curative management.”

He said he could have contracted Covid when he got off his first line of defence of the face mask which he says was giving him allergy of the throat and eyes.

This caused problems for him.

Museveni however questioned Prof.Ogwang’s Covidex has not been regularized, noting that he will need a quick answer from Dr.Monica Musenero.

“How can somebody claim that he can cure corona which has killed so many of our People and it is now three years and you have not confirmed his claim or proved it to be a lie? More seriousness is required here.”

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