The prime suspect in the misallocation of iron sheets meant for distribution to Karamoja, Minister Mary Gorreti Kitutu has insisted that she is still very much in charge, adding that the God she serves will very soon reveal the truth regarding the Mabaati scandal.

Speaking to thousands of locals at n event in Tesekulu, Namisindwa District over the weekend, Kitutu said that “I can not steal iron sheets”.

“A full minister like me can not go to the store to steal iron sheets yet I am the same person who fought to get the allocation of this money from parliament,” she said.

Kitutu hinted that as a minister she has a budget for donations which she is mandated to use at will.

“No one can dig a pit and fall in it. The God I serve will bring forth the truth, I was baptised and a religious person, the truth will come out soon,” Kitutu said.

Kitutu assured locals that she is still in charge as the minister, and will continue discharging her duties.

“The guards that a minister is entitled to are here, everything a minister should have I still have. No one should lie to you that the government has sacked me. In fact whatever you want to tell me in my capacity as minister please do not hesitate,” Kitutu urged.

Kitutu was arrested for misappropriation of iron sheets meant for Karamoja, however, she was released on a Shs10m cash bail later. She is due to appear in court later this month.

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